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  • Product namePANDA GA615 Series Power Shuttle Loom
  • Release date2016年11月

Detailed description

Main Usage
  For Plain, Twill, Satin And Jacquard Weaving

Panda GA615A automatic shuttle change power loom is mainly used to weave plain weave to 16 pieces of heald frame fabric. If equipped with dobby or jacquard we can weave all fabrics with different patterns; if equipped with color selection multi-box instead of shuttle magazine, we can weave yarn-dyed fabrics (GA615B type).

Main Specification
Technical Parameters  
Reed width (cm) 100 – 360. (56”, 60”, 63”, 75”, 90”, 98”, 110”, 126”, 142”)
Rotation speed Design speed 150-180rpm.
Motor speed 960rpm.
Operation type
(Shuttle changing motion)
1. Standard 10 shuttles full load magazine automatic shuttle changing for plain, twill, satin and jacquard weaving; 2. Color selection multi-box type for yarn dyed fabric; 3. Both shuttle magazine/multi-box and dobby/jacquard type.
Warp beam diameter Standard 550cm.
Cloth roller diameter Standard 300cm.
Handle Left or right.
Shuttles inventory 10 pieces.
Dobby (optional) 4-16 pieces heald frame lifting dobby is available.
Motor power 0.8-1.3KW, max 1.5KW.
Overall dimensions(mm3) 135cm: 2692x1596x1540 (plain), 2692x1596x2250 (dobby).
180cm: 3171x1596x1540 (plain), 3171x1596x2250(dobby).
Net Weight 135cm: Plain 1200kgs; dobby 1400kgs (not including motor).
180cm: Plain 1400kgs; dobby 1600kgs (not including motor).
Main Features
Electronic control (optional) Electronic control start and stop, warp and weft broken automatic stop, shuttle jamming and shuttle change fault automatic stop; electromagnetic control brake and clutch, etc.
Shedding motion Inside tappet type top roller heald lifting movement shedding;
spring heald return shedding.
Picking motion Under picking.
Beat-up motion Crank shaft beating-up.
Take-up mechanism 7 tooth wheel intermittently take-up.
Let-off motion Semi positive and semi negative automatic mechanical let off.
Warp stop motion Back and forth wiggling mechanical stop.
Weft stop motion Nods pecking type of weft detector control automatic stop.
Temple Ring type copper cylinder with pin.
Warp-protecting motion Movable reed.

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