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  • Product namePANDA GA798M-II PP PE Fabric Rapier Loom
  • Release date2016年11月

Detailed description

 Humanized control and operation system
Based on GA798M-1 Tappet Rapier Loom we specially developed GA798M-II PP, PE Fabrics Rapier Loom, which with materials of PP, PE, HDPE, etc. chemical fiber, Glass Fiber and other blend fiber to weave sunshade screen, PP woven bags, fish net, construction protecting net, glass Fiber fabric, jute bags and so on.
Characteristics: stable operation and easy maintenance, low noise, beautiful exterior, fast reactive permanent super motor with low power consumption, good comprehensive performance ensure the safety and stabilization of the system.

Main Specification
Model: Panda GA798M-II PP, PE Fabrics Rapier Loom
Reed Width (cm) 150,180, 200, 230, 280, 330, 360.
Rotation Speed Design speed 160~230rpm.
Weft Insertion 160-230 weft/min picked by left and right rapier heads and rapier bands.
Warp Beam Dia. Standard 600mm.
Cloth Roll Dia. Std. 300mm (500mm optional, big rolling mechanism is customized).
Weft Accumulator FDP electronic weft accumulator.
Driving Control Rated 0.8~1.3kw main motor power, 3-phase line, 380v, 50hz; Electro-magnetic clutch brake unit.
Beat-up Motion 4 bar linkage beating-up and weft insertion system.
Lubrication Device Oiling pump, automatic oil for tappet.
Electric Circuit Standard modularization design, LED displays working condition.
Weft Selection Plain weave 2 colors driven by mechanical tappet.
Improved tappet loom can weave 6 colors.
Yarn Range Spun yarns: 500tex (1.2Ne)~5tex (120Ne);
Filament yarns: 10dte(9td)~1650dte(1500Td). Yarn count: 6-40S.
Shedding Motion 2-8 pieces heddle frame mechanical tappet shedding type.
Let-off Motion Semi positive mechanical let-off, controlling by accumulator roller through linkages to ensure the beam tension uniform and stable.
Take-up Motion Continuous gapless take-up, adjustable by pick wheels according to weft density changes of fabrics.
Selvage Device Leno selvedge, mechanical selvage cutter.
Temple Ring type copper cylinder with pin.
Warp & Weft Stop Motions Warp yarn: separate electric control automatic warp stop motion;
Weft yarn: high-sensitivity piezoelectricity detector control auto stop. 4-color multi-function indication lamp displays halt condition.
Electrical Control Micro-computer functional automatic control system with memory cards, electronic cabinet equipped with push button panel, easy operation, convenient for instant adjustment.
Size and Weight 450*250*260cm3, 1.8~2.0 MTs.

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