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  • Product namePANDA GA798B-I Terry Towel Rapier Loom
  • Release date2016年11月

Detailed description

rief Introduction   
Humanized control and operation system
PANDA GA798B-I series Terry Towel Rapier Loom is used to weave all kinds of satin or jacquard satin towels for face, tea, bath and floor etc. at weight 20-1000g/sqm with the material of cotton, wool, bamboo fibre and blended yarns. 
We adopt advanced electronic control cam loop raising mode. Comparing with old mechanical looping, we solve and avoid the problems of speed inching and the machine halt resulted high-low loop. Wavy loop, saw tooth loop, high-low loop, stereoscopic loop etc. all patterns can be woven freely.
We have advanced Second Weft Halt technology, it has the function of broken yarn location and automatic halt, that the broken yarn will automatically stop on the 2nd weft all times, which reduce spinner’s 70% working capacity.  GA798B-I series of towel rapier loom is always called fool machine, work hard with quality products. In additional, it also has many other advanced functions, e.g. cotton yarn tension automatic raising, towel weaving number setting, arbitrary fixed-length and automatic stop function of the counting length, delay auto stop and power saving function, etc.
1. Reed Width: 180, 200, 230, 260, 280cm
2. Speed: 170~230rpm
3. Loop Height: 0~14.5mm
4. Weft Density: 5-180 weft/inch
5. Yarn Account: 6~40S.
6. Motor Power: 1.5~2.2kw
7. Dimension: 450*250*260cm3,
8. Net Wight: 2.0~2.5 MTs
Main Features
1.Loop raising mode: Electronic cam loop raising type.
2.Broken yarn treatment: Yarn positioned and stop on 2nd weft.
3.Shedding motion: Mechanical / electronic dobby shedding.
4.Weft selection: Mechanical / electronic selector.
5.Let off motion: Electronic continuous let off.
6.Pattern design: CAD design software.
7.Take-up motion: Continuous gapless take-up.
8.Control system:Micro-computer functional automatic control.

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