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  • Product namePANDA GA798A-II Cloth Fabric Rapier loom
  • Release date2016年11月

Detailed description

rief Introduction   Humanized control and operation system
PANDA GA798A-II is our Late-model Middle Speed Flexible Rapier Loom with more advanced technology, more comprehensive functions and even higher efficiency. It is mainly used to weave all kinds of cloth fabrics at weight 20~800g/sqm, such as decoration cloth, window screen, colorful cloths, flax cloth, cotton cloth, chemical fibre cloth, suiting and shirting fabrics, and all kinds of terry towel cloth, etc. Compared with traditional GA747 series rapier loom, it has more advantages and features.
1. Reed Width: 180, 200, 230, 280, 330, 360cm.
2. Speed: 230~280rpm
3. Fabric Weight: 20-800g/sqm
4. Weft Density: 5-180 weft/inch
5. Yarn Account: 6~40S.
6. Motor Power: 2.2~3kw
7. Net Wight: 2.8 MTs
Main Features
1.Broken yarn treatment: automatic machine halt.
2.Shedding motion: quality electronic dobby shedding.
3.Weft selection: mechanical / electronic weft selector.
4.Let off motion: electronic continuous let off. 
5.Pattern design: mechanical pattern card deign.
6.Take-up motion: continuous gapless take-up.
7.Control system:micro-computer functional automatic control.

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