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Brief introduction of the principle of textile machine

The principle is that the textile machine textile machine wire, silk and hemp raw materials processed into silk woven fabric after the tool name As the fall, the spinning wheel, spinning spindle, pedal loom, weaving machinery, CNC machine automatic weaving machine etc.. The development of textile process and equipment in ancient and modern times was designed by the textile raw materials, so the raw material has an important position in the textile technology. In ancient times, all the fibers used in the textile industry were natural fibers, and the three kinds of short fibers (wool, hemp and cotton). With the principle of the textile machine to explore now have a computer knitting machine, the next will introduce the principle of computer knitting machine.
China rural handicraft industry since ancient times there is a commodity production, before the modern times, due to various reasons, the commodity production scale is limited, thereby restricting the development of the social division of labor and productivity to a certain extent. There are a lot of people in the rural handicraft industry and the ancient equated that modern rural handicraft industry is still a self-sufficient natural economy (in fact, this view of ancient times is not entirely applicable), not to see the great changes in the modern rural handicraft industry, the purpose of this paper is to show that, in modern times, in the commodity the rapid expansion of the scale of production under the condition of the rural handicraft industry of social division of labor and productivity have hitherto unknown development, more specifically,Is a qualitative change.

Principle of computer knitting machine
The principle of circle, circle and non - weaving
A circle knitting needle selection piece in the first needle selection area is selected, the rise of needle selection piece under the heel along the needle selection triangle F1 surface, on the heel along the 15 rise to push the middle piece of the triangle under the heel rises above 10 and along the river through the middle piece on the surface, the heel in 8 by layering, the corresponding patches have been quite needle heel along the upper surface running, 1 ring, triangle circle.
Set: circle knitting needle selection piece of needle area was selected in second, needle selection piece under the heel along the needle selection triangle F2 surface to rise on the heel 16 to push the middle rise along the triangular piece under the heel up to 10 and 11 between the triangle, middle piece on the heel by layering 7 pressure needle groove to needle jack heel pressure needle groove rises to the set height, needle set circle knitting circle.
Not weaving: in two needle area was not selected, selecting piece along the delta 14 will not rise, intermediate always in the original position, by the strip 8 down, quite Alice a heel piece needle needle groove, not along the delta 1 rise above, non woven needle.
Three power: in the process of weaving, weaving some needle pieces in the first needle area was chosen, some selection piece needle selection area of second selected, some selection piece in two needle areas are selected, it will form three needle tracks, respectively, into ring, tuck and non woven.
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