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Towel sword rod loom fault how to exclude?

Towel sword rod loom believe that there are a lot of people do not know what this is? In fact, small make up also don't know, but small make up to find, the following information, the following small make up will take you to understand, Jin Jian is how to operate the loom. Then there is such a machine out of the fault, how to do later?

How to operate a towel sword rod loom?
1, boot, press the start button.
2, normal parking, press the stop button, do not press the emergency stop button.
3, non normal can not press the emergency stop button, emergency stop will affect the quality of cloth.
4, when driving prohibited contact Kendo, sword belt wheel, to prohibit any debris on the sword sword and sword with weft hinder belt wheel.
5, the hair is too long, should be a good hair, wear a hat, to prevent involvement in the beating axis.
6, broken yarn stop the yarn when the first press the stop button, in the next good yarn.
Two. Towel sword rod loom fault how to exclude?
A1 off after shutdown
(1) check whether raising guide piece.
(2) check the sword belt and sword is not whether the fluff, sharp mouth.
(3) check the warp level of rapier head and friction belt is the upper and lower warp. If the sley and warp Collide (in 180 degrees bend after give up when)
(4) check whether the two swing stopping device, Xuan collision, spring relaxation.

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