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The working principle of the towel sword rod spinning machin

The main principle of towel loom is: opening, weft insertion, weft insertion, delivery, multi arm towel, the towel, the difference between the towel and the jacquard, the towel loom, the difference is that the opening mechanism is different. The former is dobby (commonly known as small jacquard weaving pattern of small openings), can organize the towel (commonly known as small jacquard towel fabric, jacquard) which is open (with a tall building frame of jacquard device), can produce large patterns, organization of towel fabric.
1: Opening
In the opening process, the warp by heald frame motion movement to form a shed, has great influence on the properties of breakage of heald frame motion of warp. After determining the shape and size of the spindle, the motion law of the integrated frame is the fundamental factor that influences the effect of the opening movement. It is of great significance to ensure the smooth progress of weaving and improve the productivity of the loom and fabric quality.
2: weft insertion
Weft insertion on both sides of the loom are equipped with a sword and the corresponding transmission of the sword, which are known as the two swords to send the weft and weft. Weft, weft weft feeding by the sword to the shed and then delivered to the side of the central, also has moved to shed central weft sword, sword two respectively returned by the taker will pull yarn through the shed
3: send the classics
The weaving process, the warp and weft woven fabric after being swept away. In order to ensure the weaving process continues, the warp mechanism will send the appropriate length of the warp to supplement, the loom warp tension control in a certain range.
The request is sent by the process: to ensure uniform fabric from the shaft out of warp, in order to adapt to the requirements for the formation of fabric; warp tension in order to comply with the requirements of the process, and maintain the stability of the tension in the weaving process.
4: coiling
In the process of weaving, the winding of the fabric is continuously carried out in the process of weaving. Positive type continuous take-up mechanism to change the gear teeth to regulate the processing of fabric weft density, weft density is not accurate enough to control the disease. With the development of the technology of the loom, the weft density of the fabric is regulated by the stepless speed changer, which can improve the precision of the weft density control. The appearance of the electronic winding mechanism not only simplifies the mechanical structure, but also realizes the accurate control of the weft density. The coiling quantity can be changed at any time in the process of weaving.
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