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There are differences between loom and shuttleless loom

There are differences between loom and shuttleless loom
There is the traditional shuttle loom (wood or plastic shuttle shuttle loom.). The large volume, heavy weight, was repeatedly between projection, machine vibration, noise, high speed and low efficiency.
Method of weft shuttleless loom is varied, rapier, jet (jet), projectile, multi shed (multi phase) and weaving etc..
1, the rapier loom with the rapier head, rigid or flexible clamping, weft guide bring. In addition to the rapier loom is suitable for weaving plain and texture of the fabric, which is characterized by convenient color changing, suitable for multi-color weft fabric, yarn dyed, double velvet fabric, terry fabric and decorative fabric production.
2, air jet loom weft: traction with compressed air jet, with the weft yarn through the shed. The biggest characteristic of the air-jet loom is fast speed, high productivity, suitable for plain weave fabric, and texture of fine tex and high density fabric and bulk fabric production.
3, water jet loom weft: using water as a medium, the jet flow friction traction on the weft, weft thread fixed on bobbin into shed. Water jet loom has the characteristics of high speed and high unit output, which is mainly suitable for the production of surface smooth hydrophobic filament filament fabric.
4, loom: holding yarn with small flake shuttle belt clip clip, weft insertion projection. Weft fabric with excellent quality, stable projectile loom, weft less waste, suitable for multi-color weft fabric, fine texture, thick fabric and wide fabric production.
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