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Repair and maintenance of the loom

One, the lights 1, red light: Acetylene by the car, processing methods: to find the broken after a good direct drive. 2, the green light: off the car. (Note: crackiness) methods: just plain themselves will hold head cocked, the weft treated by point switch to send a sword to shed weft, weft pull clear, will hold your head, direct drive, twill or Jacquard, will hold head cocked, the lines paper back (counterclockwise) through 2 lattice, then broken weft handle. The live line after the play, will be put into the shed to fill a weft weft clamping down after direct drive. 3, yellow light: lack of weft drive. Processing method: connect the weft or weft tension in porcelain flower clothes clean, according to the electric control box and then press the button of the parking start switch drive. 4, white light: electrical box failure self protection car. Self care method: the power of the electric box power to open off after 10 seconds and then turn on the power supply, after the white light out of the direct drive. If still bright, the car is called electrical repair.

Two,Common troubles and troubleshooting of electric appliances: A, two, 1, weft weft does not work. A) check whether the fuse is in good condition and whether the relay is damaged or not. (b) check lead 4 (9), 5 (10), 6 (11) wiring is off. 2, weft yarn is broken but not the car. Check the wiring between 7 and 8, 12, 13 and. (b) whether the position between the sensor and the pattern plate is correct, whether the sensor is damaged or not, the sensor leads (19, 20, 21, 22, 23) are falling off. 3, continuous weft weft accumulator parking. Check if a short circuit between 7 and 8 (125B) leads.
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